Questions are answerd by ''SD, BG, MW, DB, KS and LH'' (female) and ''BP'' (male)

Anonymous asked: Could a relationship between two Gemini men workout?

Yes if you want it to - MW

Anonymous asked: I can never make my mind up is this very common in gemini's?

Yes it’s very normal. Geminis are very indecisive. - MW

semsemawb asked: Gemini women and gemini man !! What kind of a relashinship whould be !!

I’ve answered this question already. It would be a very interesting relationship because you have two of the same people together. Fun, crazy, interesting, scary, intriguing…the list can go on. Lol - MW

Anonymous asked: I'm a Gemini, and I always change my thought about my choice career, which aggravates me and scares me. I'm one of those people who like to plan out their life so they're prepared. But I can never just keep a one track mind when it comes to future professions. Is this normal?

It is very normal. As a Gemini you change your mind a lot because you are a versatile person. You naturally want to do so many different things at the same time - MW

Anonymous asked: How do Gemini's react in anger?

We are just very honest - MW

fluxlite asked: I'm a female Gemini and my partner is a Pisces. We've been with each other for almost a year now and we're completely in love. We're not technically 'dating,' as we don't carry the title, but we feel the same about one another. We have lots of fun, romance, and we love spending time together. Now, a lot of people class gemini/pisces relationships as,"What the hell were you thinking?" And I'm curious as to why. Why is that the stereotype for gemini/pisces? I just don't see it.

Gemini and Pisces will love each other at parties, work, school or any social gathering. And will almost always be attracted to each other on this basis. They even have something worthwhile to discuss. It isn’t really shallow. A lot of Gemini and Pisces connect very well in some undefinable way that isn’t incredibly deep but isn’t shallow, either. It’s very delicate. However, there is this bit of mis-communication once the relationship gets deeper… they will find that they get extremely irritated with finer details of the person. A Gemini could be late for a date (or whatever) and will not realize anything is wrong while the Pisces may be hurt. They will eventually feel like they do not understand each other at all and will never figure out why..,. Besides that. I suppose Gemini and Pisces aren’t incompatible, it’s just one of those relationships you have to work for. I hope this helped! Also sorry for the late reply!! - SD

Anonymous asked: do Gemini's age the best?

Yes! The youthful look is a typical trait of Gemini. They are people who always look younger than their actual age! - SD

Anonymous asked: As a Gemini why do I attract so many females is it my fashion? And why do ppl call me crazy?

You attract so many females bc your hot! Duh! And many people may call you crazy bc we as Gemini’s have multiple personalities. -MW

Anonymous asked: Why are we so complicated?!

I ask myself that all of the time. Lol We as Gemini’s are just very versatile and we have multiple personalities. Truly knowing a Gemini takes time. - MW

Anonymous asked: When can i have a boyfriend?

Whenever you choose -MW